Rational use of APG at the Pyakyakha field is provided by the compressor station for associated gas

24 October 2017

At the Yamal, within Pyakyakha field development project (LUKOIL-West Siberia LLC) there is constructed a number of production facilities – oil treatment plant (OTP), complex gas treatment plant (CGTP), condensate de-ethanization unit (CDU) and condensate stabilization unit (CSU). Here there are created facilities of social infrastructure – fire truck station, administration and amenity buildings.

Oil and gas condensate field also has been equipped with compressor station (CS) for gathering and transportation of associated petroleum gas. As a part of CS, there are operate nine compressor units of various types and purposes, which were supplied by the ENERGAS Company:

– Compressor unit (CU) of low pressure. CU with capacity of 101…2,160 m3 / h is designed to compress APG of the second oil separation stage (from the oil treatment plant) and gas from the terminal separation unit;

– Four packaged compressor units of medium pressure for compressing associated gas coming from the first separation stage. Capacity of each CU is 16,180 cubic meters per hour;

– Booster compressor unit of screw type. Intended use of this CU is compression the gas from condensate de-ethanization unit. Gas flow rate varies in the range from 4,660 to 18,025 m3 / h;

– Three reciprocating compressor units with capacity of 34,240 m3 / h each. CUs, based on reciprocating four-row single-stage compressors, compress (up to 11 MPa) petroleum gas from various field facilities for onward transport to complex gas treatment plant.

Equipment was designed to meet the extreme operating conditions (minimum air temperature is minus 56°C, air temperature of the coldest five-day period is minus 46°C). Operation mode is automatic and continuous. Each of nine units is additionally equipped with gas metering station (with flow meter) for measurement of compressed gas amount.

All units except reciprocating ones are housed in its own enclosures (block-boxes), which are equipped with life support systems – heating, ventilation and lighting. Taking into account strict safety requirements, the modules are equipped with fire detection, gas detection, alarm and fire fighting systems. In accordance with the project reciprocating CUs are placed inside separate permanent housing.

The set of pre-start activities, which included erection supervision, start-up and adjustment works, individual tests of equipment and comprehensive operability check as a part of facility, was performed by the technical specialists of ServicENERGAS (part of ENERGAS Group).

REFERENCE. Development of Pyakyakha field is the second project for the production of hydrocarbons, which LUKOIL-West Siberia has implemented in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area. The company started commercial production of gas in YNAA in 2005, when Nakhodkinskoye field was put into operation.

Pyakyakha field refers to the most promising fields of Bolshekhetskaya Depression. Its reserves for the beginning of 2014 are 69.5 million tons of oil and 234.2 billion cubic meter of gas.

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