After comprehensive testing compressor unit to compress gas of condensate deethanization is ready for the operation as a part of the CS of Pyakyakha field

23 May 2017

Pyakyakha oil-gas-condensate field of the LLC "LUKOIL-West Siberia" has been equipped with compressor station (CS) for gathering and transportation of associated petroleum gas. As a part of CS, there will be operate nine compressor units (CU) of various types and purposes, which were supplied by the company ENERGAS.

Among them - the CU of screw type to compress gas coming from condensate deethanization unit. Capacity of CU varies in the range of 4 660…18 025 m3/h and it is controlled by two-level regulation system.

Packaged unit is designed to meet the extreme operating conditions (minimum air temperature is minus 56°C, average air temperature of the coldest five-day period is minus 46°C).

CU will operate in automatic mode; it is equipped with life support systems (heating, ventilation and lighting) and safety systems (fire detection and fire fighting, gas detection). To measure compressed gas amount, unit is additionally equipped with metering station with flow meter.

Currently at the site of operation there are completed 72-hour comprehensive tests of CU as a part of the facility. There has been checked the operability of process, compressor, metering and electrical equipment and ACS. In the course of testing unit has worked in a routine mode, flawlessly and it is ready for commissioning.

The whole set of pre-operational works is performed by the engineers of LLC "ServicENERGAS" (companies group ENERGAS).

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