At the PWRU-4 of Vakhskoye field (OJSC "Tomskneft") there are completed start-up works and testing of vacuum compressor station of "ENERGAS"

26 May 2015

At the preliminary water removal unit (PWRU-4) of Vakhskoye field of OJSC "Tomskneft" there are completed start-up works and own testing of vacuum compressor station (VCS) of "ENERGAS". This process equipment will provide rational use of low-pressure associated gas in the maximum extent possible.

VCS will compress APG of the second separation stage from close to the vacuum pressure (0.001…0.01 MPa) to the gas pressure of the first separation stage (0.6 MPa) followed by injection into the pipeline to the gas compressor station GCS "Vakh".

Compressor station of type on the special requirements of the project is able to operate at minimum capacity - 360 m3/h. Capacity of gas booster equipment in range of 0…15% is adjusted by a bypass line that provides a zero gas flow rate during start-up works and testing.

In the course of tests VCS has worked in a routine mode. The pre-starting stage will be completed with 72-hour comprehensive functional verification of unit as a part of the PWRU-4. All the works on VCS commissioning are carried out by the company "ServicENERGAS".

Earlier technicians of the companies group ENERGAS have commissioned similar vacuum compressor stations also at two facilities of "Tomskneft": PWRU-9 of Sovetskoye field and PWRU-5 of Vakhskoye field.

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