Fuel gas treatment facility is delivered to the site of power supply complex for the Barsukovskoye field in Yamal

18 April 2019

Barsukovskoye field is developed by LLC RN-Purneftegaz (Rosneft). The power supply complex consists of 12 Cummins gas-reciprocating units with electric power of 1.5 MW and it is designed to supply infrastructure and process facilities of the field with electrical energy. Owner of gas-reciprocating power plant is Alliance Generation LLC.

The fuel is associated petroleum gas. Its design parameters for purity, temperature, pressure and flow will be provided by the fuel gas treatment facility (FGTF) of ENERGAS. FGTF is multifunctional complex, which comprises the following process equipment:
  • Gas filtration system with two-stage coalescent filters, purification rate is 100% for the liquid fraction and 99.9% for solid particles larger than 2 microns;
  • Condensate drainage module with 10 m3 underground tank;
  • Gas metering subassembly with ultrasonic flow meters;
  • Gas preheating module based on a shell-and-tube heat exchanger;
  • Bilinear reduction system;
  • Packaged boiler room for the treatment of the heat carrier, including two boilers with a total thermal capacity of 0.19 MW.
FGTF is supplied with a high degree of prefabrication (coefficient of readiness is 0.98) what further significantly reduces the duration of the construction and mounting works as well as pre-start activities.

Currently, to the site of operation there have been delivered all the components of FGTF – several block-boxes with equipment for various purposes, which will be docked together in a single building with a common roof.

Phased commissioning of the facility will be implemented by the company ServicENERGAS (part of ENERGAS Group). Technicians will perform erection supervision, start-up and adjustment works, own testing, comprehensive verification of FGTF in conjunction with gas-reciprocating units, as well as training of operating staff.

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