At the site of NRU MPEI reconstruction of the training power plant is being resumed

28 August 2019

Training and experimental Central Heating and Power Plant of the National Research University MPEI was commissioned in 1953. MPEI CHPP is a unique facility, which at the same time serves for the practical training of students of heat engineering, power engineering, electrical engineering specialties, for carrying out research work in experimental-industrial conditions, provides the energy needs of the University and nearest residential district, and also gives about 50% of power capacity into the urban network.

According to the rector on NRU MPEI Nikolay Rogalev, currently, there is no other power plant in Russia that would be initially designed and built as training and experimental. The design characteristics of the current CHPP allow conducting training sessions, various scientific experiments and tests of power equipment in parallel. In addition to the MPEI CHPP, there is only one power plant of this kind in the world, in Germany.

The Government of the Russian Federation allocated 1.6 billion rubles from the federal budget for the reconstruction of the power plant and the creation of pilot plants Teplotsentral. The capacity to be commissioned is 16 MW. The maximum cost of the capital construction project is 3.1 billion rubles.

By 2022, it is planned to change the equipment to the most progressive, organize modern training classes, laboratories and test areas. In addition to the technical re-equipment, conditions would be created for the use of the training and experimental base of MPEI CHPP by Russian and foreign educational institutions through the use of the remote methods of setting goals and achievement of the results.

It should be noted that in 2014-2015 a project was designed for the reconstruction of MPEI CHPP, which provided the creation of a combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT) with capacity of 10 MW on the basis of the Kawasaki GPB80D gas turbine, waste-heat boiler, and steam turbine. However, the project implementation was suspended.

For reconstruction goals, ENERGAS Group supplied booster compressor station to the facility. Purpose of the BCS is treatment and feeding of fuel gas to the CCGT turbine with required designed parameters on purity, pressure (2.04...2.4 MPa), temperature (up to +60°C), and flow rate (2,750 m3 / h).

REFERENCE. According to the press-office of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, today MPEI is the leading energy-related higher educational establishment in the country, and heads educational and methodical associations in the main areas of training specialists in the heat and power industry. More than 4 thousand prospective students enter the university annually.

MPEI CHPP is cluster core, which includes most of the educational institutions of MPEI, including the Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy Sources, which has no analogues in the world, and the Center for the National Technological Initiative "Technologies for Electricity Transportation and Distributed Intelligent Power Systems".

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