Company ENERGAS has supplied gas treatment unit for GTU-TPP which is being built in Elabuga

20 December 2017

In the city of Elabuga (the Republic of Tatarstan) a new GTU-TPP is being built at the site of the Central boiler house. The generating equipment consists of four gas turbine units Solar of type Taurus 60 GS with a unit capacity of 5.6 MW and four hot-water waste-heat boilers. The installed electrical capacity of the station will be 22-23 MW.

For GTU-TPP, ENERGAS supplies a comprehensive gas treatment system - a gas treatment unit (packaged gas purification unit - PGPU) and a booster compressor station. This process equipment will be put into operation by ENERGAS step by step.

The main elements of the PGPU are a gas purification system consisting of three filtration lines and a drainage module, and a two-line gas metering unit. Additional equipment is a continuous chromatograph (calorimeter) and a dew point measurer with sampling devices.

After preliminary treatment, the gas flow is directed to the booster compressor station, including two screw-type units. The BCS compresses and feeds fuel gas to the turbines at the required design pressure of 1.65 MPa. The process scheme of the BCS also provides for the provision of a set gas feeding temperature to the GTU-TPP.

The capacity of the comprehensive gas treatment system is 8,240 m3 / h. All units are automated; local ACS will be integrated into the APCS of the thermal power plant. Equipment version - container, block-modules are equipped with safety and life support systems.

At present, gas treatment unit (PGPU) has been delivered to the construction site of GTU-TPP. Preparation is underway for this mounting.

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